Asbury Park Bratwurst?

James Dalton, in a photo taken by his friend Tony Morey and included in Gary Wien’s book, “Are You Listening?”

ASBURY PARK, NJ (via BAVARIA) – James Dalton has done something many musicians aspire to do yet few achieve. He has taken the Asbury Park, NJ sound and gone global with it.

For his latest release, Frankonia, he went to Germany and found himself inspired by the people in the heart of Europe while nurtured by the folks back home.

He explains to Asbury Pulp that the new CD (or set of tunes for the digital download-minded) was recorded live “in a very unique part of Germany about a year and a half ago and with the help of some Germans and some Asbury-area people.”

“Joe Cotis, who’s played with a lot of local artists, was my producer. Kim Deitz, another Shore person, did my cover design.” And, he got some input from the creative personnel over at Asbury Media.

Recording overseas wasn’t by accident, but also not quite by design. Sure, Dalton was no stranger to Europe. He tells us that over the years he’s toured extensively on the continent as well as the United States. But he says of Germany, “It turns out, there are some great music fans in a region within Bavaria that was once on the maps as Frankonia, and they’ve been pretty supportive of me there.” Who knew?

He’s also no stranger here. He’s either performed or worked at The Saint, The Stone Pony, Asbury Blues and the Wonder Bar. He divides his time between Brooklyn, NY and Bay Head, NJ when he’s not taking part in the Asbury Park music scene – or flying across the Atlantic Ocean.

This winter, he wants to sell ReVision Theatre on the idea of producing some live original shows and has a small, fun folksy band called Bay Head Junction that do a lot of “family-friendly and Albert Music Hall shows,” he tells Asbury Pulp.

But the call of the road is hard to ignore; soon, he’ll also be heading to Utah and Nevada for a bunch of shows with Linda Ronstadt’s nephew for a spell.

He’ll be leaving behind Frankonia for the Jersey Shore to savor. And a bunch of cool Bavarians – just in time for Oktoberfest!

You can purchase the music online here, and find out more about James Dalton’s next project here.

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