Weekly Web: Jake and the WGirls

Above – The shy Jake James

Hey. There’s nothing better than a group of women making good. And, come this Sunday, getting slightly drunk. I’m volunteering to be designated driver when the WGirls hold their Meet & Greet this Sunday, August 26 at Watermark on the Asbury Park boardwalk.

Thank God my idiot savant-like ability to process algorithms has landed me a big-time job with a communications company (as they disguise themselves as; they are really taking over the world by controlling consumer behavior) so I sprung for a new car. Nothing crazy or anything. It’s a Jaguar convertible XKR-S – pretty much the smallest car I could find. I’m environmentally friendly. Women dig that, too.

But of course my real job in life isn’t making like a taxi driver or even processing algorithms (which is really boring). It’s reviewing websites – because as much as things change (like writing for Asbury Pulp instead of the triCityNews), getting rich and getting the best FiOS package available, the more things stay the same. I’m happiest hanging with the World Wide Web and a gazillion cable channels in my basement bedroom in my parent’s house.

The WGirls are a little more motivated, and it shows in their brand new website, found here. Yeah – they’ve just head a make over, and it didn’t even involve RuPual. (I once dated a girl who turned out to be a drag queen – it’s a long story…)

The new site for the WGirls is pretty damn good. It’s got a nice, clean layout so it’s easy to read and navigate.

It’s where you’ll find out that the WGirls here are the Coastal NJ chapter of a national movement. It says on their ‘About Us’ page: The WGIRLS Coastal NJ Chapter was started in Red Bank, NJ, in 2010.  We are young, professional women who dedicate our time, talent, and energy for a better tomorrow.  Through fundraising and volunteering, we better the lives of women and children in need in Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May Counties.

The Mission Statement of the WGirls nationwide is as follows: The WGIRLS provide underprivileged women and children across the United States, and globally in times of international crisis, with the support and resources necessary to achieve health, happiness, and the ability to lead productive and successful adult lives.

So these are some type-A chicks.  They deserve an afternoon off this Sunday at Watermark meeting and greeting (they’ll be there from 3:00 – 5:00pm). But even then, they’ll be engaged in some business.

On Sunday, you too can learn how to become a WGirl. And, all about the cool social organizations they support and the things they are doing themselves. Like S.M.A.R.T. Girls, a program featured at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County. “From this July to the end of December 2012, each member of the Coastal NJ chapter will be paired with a young mentee to share life lessons and to help them with the pressures of today’s world,” it says.

The WGirls sounds pretty awesome, and I‘m only sorry I can’t join. As you can see, I’m not a girl. But, you and I can donate to the cause, and you can even do that on their new website, too, using PayPal.

These are smart and savvy girls. I’m actually a little bit intimidated by advanced women. That’s why I really bought the Jaguar. (It’s not that other thing about buying a Porsche because your little Jake is small. No issues there.)

You have to admire a bunch of people – women or men – who give up their spare time to really do a lot for everybody else, especially people who can’t get things done for themselves for whatever reason.

I think the WGirls rock, and wgirlscoastalnj.tumblr.com rocks, too. They can hop into my convertible Jag and go for a spin whenever they want to.

And check this out for spinning (can’t help thinking of my favorite WGirl after this column)…

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